About PixClip

PixClip is a free software tool that allows you to clip regions of your screen to the clipboard or to file. It is a very simple screen capture tool, and is intended to be that way.

Its interface is minimal. All operations are executed from the systray icon which makes that everything gets done with very few clicks. Its design and integration make it so seamless that many times, you don't even notice you are using it.

PixClip can be used in many ways:

  • Creating documents: use more graphical information, illustrate better your reports.
  • Editing graphics: clip and compose quicker, work faster.
  • Other uses: send clips by IM, express yourself better.

PixClip is in beta stage and is still under heavy development.

View how easy to use PixClip is in the usage guide.

About the author

Hello. My name is António Maria Torre do Valle and I work as freelance developer. I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, 43 years ago, and I currently live in Oeiras.

I've written PixClip for personal use originally, but due to popular demand (3 friends, or so ;-) I ended up publishing it on the internet. I hope you find it useful.

Copyright 2005-2014 © António Maria Torre do Valle
All rights reserved.