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In definitiva, PixClip può non avere funzioni avanzate di editing ma il suo lavoro lo fa bene e se siete in cerca di un compagno che catturi per voi i momenti salienti sul vostro schermo, PixClip fa per voi. Da provare.

By Marina Mazzoni from the website
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This is a very well designed tool, and it works great. (...) It's very easy to use, and there is no need to read any documentation. It just works the way one would expect.

By roger.m
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From the editors

Does it make sense to learn or use those full-featured image processing monsters when all you need to do is to just clip a picture off the screen and then paste it to a document or save it to file?

By the editors
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At the website

Cuando realizamos capturas de pantalla frecuentemente, es lógico que busquemos aplicaciones fiables y de calidad para ello, lo que, a la vez, hace la búsqueda ms difícil.

By daniel, from
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