Frequently asked questions

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General questions

What is PixClip?

PixClip is a simple screen clipping tool, that allows you to take clips from any part of your screen quick and easily.

Is it really free?

Yes. PixClip is free software, meaning you do not have to pay anything to use it.
PixClip is ad supported. It means that the project is only supported by the ads on this website.

What are PixClip's advantages?

Its main advantage is its interface and its intuitive and seamless operation mode.
PixClip is a simple systray icon that doesn't bother you as you work, and is a perfect companion that helps you to quickly grab clips into your documents and projects.

Will it have more features in the future?

Absolutely! There are already some being prepared for the next releases like measurement tools and some other nifty functions.

Usage questions

With which applications can I use PixClip?

Since PixClip uses the clipboard, any application that handles graphics can be used together with PixClip.
It works with office applications, graphics applications, instant messaging programs, and many others.

Do I need a special version of Windows to use it?

No. PixClip only requirement is Microsoft .NET version 2.0. Most computers today have it installed.
If you are using Windows XP, you probably already have it.

How good is the image quality?

PixClip places the clipped image as a bitmap in the clipboard. So, when you paste it in other applications no quality is lost at all.
If you save the image in a format other than bitmap, the image gets compressed, and some quality may be lost.
Each image format has its issues, some are better, some are worst. Personally, I prefer the PNG format.

What are the limits of the selection? Is the selection line inside or outside the selected area?

The selection line is outside the limit of the selected region.

Does PixClip support multiple monitors?

Yes. You can use PixClip with any number or configuration of monitors.
However, there is a report of trouble with a non-standard configuration.

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