Version history

2008-08-22 version 0.04a

  • Delayed capture function created;
  • Added control to capture entire screen;
  • Recaptures last clip;
  • Check for updates online (checks once about every 24H; can be disabled in the options);
  • Options form reworked a bit.

2008-02-04 version 0.03c

  • Added the option to open the canvas using a keyboard shortcut. Thank you to Eric for the idea;
  • Added a few icons to the systray menu. Used Mark James' Silk Icons from his website at (thank you for the free icons, Mark).

2007-09-08 version 0.03b

  • Added an option to start when user logs in;
  • Options are now automatically saved to registry.

2007-09-07 version 0.03a

  • Moved to .NET 2.0;
  • New sleeker style;
  • Dropped useless controls (menu bar, etc.);
  • Auto update disabled because it has too many bugs;
  • Fixed many clipboard bugs;
  • Fixed some bugs in the canvas;
  • Added 4 more image formats - now also saves as gif, tiff, png and bmp;
  • Added an About form;
  • Added an "Alert if image detected on clipboard" option.

2006-07-10 version 0.02j

  • Fixed major clipboard bug - images captured outside PixClip were not being saved properly;
  • Corrected tooltip click bug - sometimes the save image dialog wouldn't popup after clicking the tooltip.

2006-05-18 version 0.02i

  • Fixed minor clipboard bug;
  • Set jpg quality to 100% by default;

2006-01-02 version 0.02h

  • Small performance update;
  • Major rewrite of updater.

2005-12-28 version 0.02g

  • Added a zoom window;
  • Added an update system;
  • Wishlist reorganized;
  • Previous instance of the application is searched for upon startup;
  • Many other smaller features implemented.

2005-12-18 version 0.02f

  • Fixed a bug in the web service invocation.

2005-12-18 version 0.02e

  • A few performance updates;
  • Web service for updates and licence activation implemented;
  • Online version check implemented;
  • New tray icon;
  • New cursor.

2005-12-15 version 0.02d

  • Great improvement in overall performance;
  • Selection and slides: much smoother, much nicer;
  • CPU consumption drastically reduced;
  • It is still possible to do much better... Maybe using BitBlt()?

2005-12-15 version 0.02c

  • Added configuration form;
  • Some more minor fixes and corrections.

2005-12-14 version 0.02b

  • Fixed bug in screen clearing function;
  • Some more minor fixes and corrections.

2005-12-14 version 0.02a

  • Some bugfixes;
  • Some tweaks to the ux in general.

2005-12-14 version 0.02

  • Major rewrite;
  • All features reimplemented;
  • Some bugs were reimplemented too, though.

2005-12-13 version 0.01d

  • Some more fixes;
  • Selection is now displayed transparently.

2005-12-13 version 0.01c

  • Lots of fixes;
  • Changed selection line color to black;
  • Added an info box with mouse or selection coordinates;
  • Made menu bar transparent.

2005-12-13 version 0.01b

  • Sliding menu has sleeker style;
  • Clicking tooltip shortcuts to file save.

2005-12-13 version 0.01a

  • Save image in clipboard to jpg;
  • Select saved image quality.

2005-12-12 version 0.01

  • Initial release!
  • Image clipping;
  • Sliding menu;
  • Select canvas transparency level;
  • Systray icon with tooltips.

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